the spooky lunch (ms_timorous666) wrote in shamart,
the spooky lunch

Fitzgerald's psychic transcription

What happens when you undo your pants and find word etched in ice upon your upper thighs? The noted physicist, astrologist, and masochist Lazurus Fitzgerald of Imap, Doggata (an island just off the coast of Baja California, currently foregoing it's U.S. ownership) has used explored the medium of psychic transcription. What does this entail? Dr. Fitzgerald sits down at his hidden desk in the lowest spot of his house (namely, the basement lined with green fuzz), places the non-writing hand upon the ever-present sheet of paper laid out for him on the tabletop. Next, he pulls an ever-present pen from his breastpocket and writes down a couple lines. On March 6, 2005 he wrote "Those were the ways of mine face". Focusing at first on immateriality, the shape took form, that is, became material. It was easiest for Mr/Dr Fitzgerald to see the upper thighs of any sex. Lo and lo! not five minutes later, a certain Joan Lis of Puskganiak, Washington felt an unnatural chill inside her pants. Upon the lowering of her jeans, she saw the aforementioned lines formed in ice, stitched to her skin. She did not faint. Though Dr/Mr Fitzgerald has been keep it simple by using single sentences, he has decided to take quite a considerable jump by publishing a 72388 word piece. The potential receiver of this work is still unknown as is the exact date of his psychic transcription, although the Committee for Fitzgerald Receivership (CFR) is on the lookout for that potential victim...I mean, receiver. If you feel these vibes directed at you, it'd be best either to down a bottle of the cheapest whiskey available (as a high BAC will dissuade any such psychic transcription posing as aht(the term "art" shall now forever and hereafter be referred to as "aht")) or to contact us at 13-44-23532-3. This is not a toll-free number. I wish you luck, and Hog Bless.
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