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Sol de la Flor del Vampiro (1972)

Sol de la Flor del Vampiro (Sun of the Vampire Flower), though intended for Spanish audiences, was an international production as most of the Eurohorror films of the day tended to be. Though this was an unprecedented collaboration. It was originally filmed entirely in Arabic, on location in the western regions of Java. As such, the cast, except for the two leads, Ik-bael Shalagh and Luki (erotic performers originally from a lost city in Iran, but popular amongst the hip youth of Spain), is comprised of Javanese extras, mainly female dancers and female impersonators. The director, Sam Driver (Americanized name for Jorge Pullesa) said of this film "Hot or cold, I know this. It was fantasy rippled". This is perhaps one of the most enigmatic yet straightforward answers in film, especially in the annals of exploitation film. Yet this film, also written and produced by Pullesa, is anything but exploitation. It shares, however, with other cheaply made films in its utter bizarreness.

The story is of a brother and sister, who act like their mother and father, who in turn acted like the first man and woman on Earth. These are primal beings, eschewing the xtian, biblical portrait of Adam and Eve for the true ancestors of humanity...grey-skinned, insectoids with large heads and large eyes. They float over a muddy field, finding their home, a hollowed out egg. Or so it seems, until the egg shifts colors quicker than lazerbeams into the form of yet another person, this time a bird-like hermaphrodite who commenses to dance. This is an intoxicating dance involving live birds and snakes (plumed and finned), entering and exiting various sections of the body. Blue blood, not so odd a choice when you know the truth of blood, is elegantly plastered over the bodies as they begin boiling, bubbling with this blue blood, gradually shifting to red as more and more dancers enter, performing nearly impossible acts acrobatics, oftentimes explicity sexual. Yet this is a different sort of explicit sexuality...the viewer is confused: are they watching an actual act or a mimed one...the viewer ultimately feels entranced yet not attacked by prick, cunt, ass, jizz, teeth...the viewer feels they are watching an innocent ballet, albeit with a hardon or sopping wet. To continue with the narrative is futile, as it cannot be explained. Think of going into the throes of anasthesia, the period just before and during surgery. However, if viewing this film with a lover or companion, do not be surprised if they are missing a limb...and you have too many.

For more info, contact:
Javanese Surreptialism
PO Box 424362
E. San Francisco, CA 941321
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