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it's a hit!

Yes indeed, the opening of the Irkism exhibition yesterday was a success. Unlike all other museums that honor that fateful daty Mr. Colgate-in-a-bus hit rock-bottom and declared this land to be the Indies and thus named the natives Indians, the Dullist Modern Art Museum stayed open all day. Unfortunately, I was unable to take photographs as cameras of any sort were not allowed.

There was also a heartwarming tribute to the fallen land-art monument, the largest chocolate cake in the world, now laying under a mass heap of rock and stone because of the recent earthquake in Pakistan. Our hearts go out to those poor poor poor poor people.

And so, in protestation of the earth's movements, yet another major land-art, in scale to that of Ahlan's chocolate cake, a certain Mr. Hindra has erected an extremely large pink leg. It stands some 6404 ft high and required the use of helicopters and in coordination with the Blue Angels (some may argue this was in honour of the Bay Area's annual Fleet Week, but this is simply not so). So now overlooking the famous, beautiful, treacherous SF Bay Area is the Large Leg of Mr. Hindra.
This art just keeps on coming! More news will follow as it comes!
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