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Science Fiction Bingo

Roughly, very roughly in fact, this film is about a young man who gets the girl. Yet it does not submit itself to the formula, the cliche, the grand scheme of ideas that have so plagued modern cinema to bore the audiences out of their minds. Because really that's what cinema is all about...boring the audiences out of their minds. Take Fearful Travesties, the greatest comedy in existence based off a popular British TV series from the early 90s...horribly drab and stuffy. Cinema is not "cinema" unless it excites. And this movie surely does. Science Fiction Bingo, or SFB, was produced in 1955. Apparently it was based off of a popular German TV series which lasted about 1/2 of an episode. (Fortunately it was all filmed in advance and the idea was to put the episodes out on TV at the appropriate time.) We meet Braverly Shingles' character, someone named, of all things, Bis. Bis has no life and decides it would be best to fly to Saturn and meet the Life-Giver, who is magnificently portrayed by the late Arthur Ribald. In order to gain a life, Bis must play the entire planet of Saturn a horrendously incorrect game of Bingo! I cannot divulge in what events occur as I would be giving the story away, but in the end Bis destroys the planet of Saturn after having made love (implied of course!) to all of the Saturn women. The act of sex seems to be a life-giving property according to the screenwriter and director of the film, Jules Coulthaine. Bis meets his final woman, the luscious Viervey Thomas in the role of Gra. In a triumphant scene of stupendous special effects, Bis melts into Gra while he flies back to Earth. Bis awakes in a strange hotel room, which is named The Bis-Gra off Shoreford Avenue.

This is a widely available film, although I have heard stories that once it was offered for sale, it was revoked and put back into storage as the cover for the film seemed to scare away customers. Anyway, feel free to visit the University of California, Dippsch campus' film library and they'll glad give you a free print of the film along with a reel-to-reel projector.
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