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Caesar Antichrist is not a book (thus the loss of underline in that "title") by ..... It is, instead, a musical group. In the previous entry, there was a musical group mentioned, The 329s, whom I consider to be THE highest in musical excellence. But now, Caesar Antichrist are a group completely separate, different, diverse, obscene and plain fun and bolts! Erection Time is the title of their 90 minute tape which they have yet to play for anyone outside of their immediate circle of friends, making them one of, if not, THe most obscure group around! You won't find their records or cds or tapes anywhere else except from their garage in Hopstockton. What makes this group so special? They converse. They are musical conversers. Not singers or acapella, but conversing. Conversation, yes is a musical form to these four fellows. They talk and talk and talk and it's a pleasure to listen to them, since that is exactly what you're supposed to do: listen to them. If you were to experience Caesar Antichrist live, you would not want to join in with the conversation. I am convinced that if CA were to have a live show, all the listeneres would not speak out or even make a peep as do some many other nitwits who prefer that rock and roll junk painted up in jeans, greasy hair, cigarettes, torn papers, and painted fingernails. No no no no CA will blow you away with Erection Time, should you be one of the first lucky ones to actually hear this Maxell 90m cassette tape.

Next time, we'll discuss a female performance artist, Casette Casket.
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