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An Outright Fuchsia (1959)

No words can better sum up this film than the only lines of Wilson R. Chettergins' (the noted British poet) cameo: "India loves their much as we love the wind that passes through the windows." There is a playfulness and a subtle morbidity that winds itself throughout the non-linear narrative of this film. The director, T. Gossar, seems to tease us with this film since he claims it is not a film. He says this is his excuse for filling up about 70 minutes of our time with witty remarks. This is the Irkist tradition that Gossar unflinchingly portrays in film after film of his (remarkably, an average of 14 films per year).

He does not deal with sets, scenery, mise en scene, etc, but with characters battling it out with their cumbersome lines, not quite being monologues as they speak to each other, addressing the lengthy questionings of their companion. These lines average to about 12 minutes of screen time, just one character speaking out seemingly his entire life just for the benefit of our measly amusement. This is entertainment, ladies and gents! Gossar says he has made no film, yet we care about the characters despite their tiresome claims to existence. The trick of subliminalism is used to great effect, for if one were to slow the film down to, say, 19 frames per second, an entirely new film would arise. One views a terse view of psychosexuality in reverse, from the viewpoint of intimate same-sex kissing cousins. Also, slowing the film down to 10 fps, one views yet aNOTHER film, this one dealing with unspeaking corpses that bottle themselves up. I'm currently working on slowing the film down to 3 fps, but I'm afraid the heat has melted the film.

Gossar stays true to his Irkist roots by this complex arrangement, not dissimilar to the novel Jumping Beans by Juliglio Kortamz. Bland on top and bland at the bottom!
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