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happy one year anniversary!

wee! one of the worst communities in ljland has last longer than a year (august 18th of last year) and still the high quality posts just keeping coming. this proves once and for all the integrally underground intensity of sham art (Garlampk would say in his high voice (not only of pitch but of luxurious wisdom) "the heat melts only the choicest flies". surely we are of the less-choiciest variety, the lowly artmongerers!).
but enough celebrating, the sham art world has no time for idle human activity.

which brings me to today's visit to the Dullist Art of the Modern Noggin', or DAMN, in the heart of this local city which could be any city as DAMN is that famous chain-musuem installed throughout the world's great cities. 15 stories worth of errarta, from the early greats such as Liberteste and his "Portrait of Le Band Rubber" and Kkkrapi's "The Pussified Dandy", his magnum pi opus. There are even 3 storeys devoted to installations, all enigmatically entitled "CLOSED STOREY, PLEASE ASCEND", with their dirty-white-trashed walls and the spotted ladders all askew, plus the colored workers, no doubt performing their native ballets all dressed in coveralls with cute little baseball caps and hunched over, sitting with their feet out, drinking out of stragely shaded instruments very similar to a space shuttle.
but the highlight of today's little (and i do mean little, since the place, though 15 storeys is no larger than a middle school gynasium) trip were the artists themselves, pacing the grounds in a uniform of sorts, perhaps a suit but with a small logo on their right breast, DAMN, proud of the fact that their pieces de resistances are displayed in such a location as the DAMN. their pride sometimes gives way or accents their peevishness with the patrons getting too close to their works, as they would smartly snap out "excuse me" or "stand back, please" or "no photos". such personal faults are easily forgiven since...since...they're the artists for magog's sake!

to summarise:
happy 1st anniversary.
please visit DAMN and do these artist's a favor.
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