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Book review no. 1 to strain your eyes

Good evening,

It is 10:30 p.m. and time for the weekly book review, of which today is the first of most likely very few book reviews. Before I begin, let me state that these books are not to be found in the general fiction of (I shudder to use that unwholesome, squamous contraption of letters, that word being: literature) most bookstore, but if you kindly ask the authorities where their "sham art" section is, you'll be in a fine state.

A Pilipino Philosophist Speaks From Beyond the Grave-With Glasses!

Despite its seemingly sensational title, this is a classic example of the contemporary "literary" novel that doesn't cater to those bored re-reading mid-century European novles, but to ALL levels of the contemporary novel-reader.

This book was so popular when it was published last year (in a limited run of 200 in NYC (incidentally a hotspot in cultural activities since the 18th century) that it was immediately filmed as a conceptual video-art piece by one-time director David Alain. But now it has been re-released at a much larger run of 220 copies.

This is a novel about the obsolete workers of a cheese factory in Costa Rica. Having no knowledge of labor unions or worker's rights, they decide to form their own village, their own race, in fact, that dwells within the factory, becoming the factory itself. It is a heartbreaking hotel tale all too reminiscent of Bunuel's Land Without Bread, though with all sense of cinema thrown out the window.

The author's name is----

[This review was originally published in the April 2006 issue of Dramaqueen Rowboat, a 'zine hailing from South San Francisco. It is a testament to this 'zine's budget that the copiers ran out of ink just before the author's name could be printed.]
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