the spooky lunch (ms_timorous666) wrote in shamart,
the spooky lunch

email sent Febuary 5, 2007 to noted comic artist Frob

Dear Frob,

I've come upon your artwork by mistake. I was searching on the net for weary cotton. This was a phrase I heard somewhere, on the bus I think or anywhere with old black people wearing colorful headwear. I was reading a horror paperback & heard them, so entranced was I with those words I had no choice but to log on at the library and search for it on Google. Believe it or not (probably will, no surprise), your site was #1. You draw newspaper comics? Called "Weary Cotton", funny name. Maybe I'll ask what it means next time :) Anyways, this comic is funny and weird. Ugly people building 31289 ft. skyscrapers only to break them down with another skyscraper of 28956 ft. Ducks giving birth to onions that shoot acid. It's funny!

But I think one of them hits a little too close to home for me, too close. March 18, that's the one, 2006. In that comic you have a famous white gloved talking mouse giving anal pleasure to a little black rabbit with one eye (it's yellow) and stumped feet. When the famous mouse is done, he yells "Nice goin, son!" In the cut-out, edited-out part which I had to lie to access and use the code I see the librarians use, you draw the little black bunny slurping the famous mouse's white penis. Then the last square is the famous mouse, his penis broken off & still in the little black bunny's slobering mouth; the famous mouse says "Tee hee" and you can see it has a fat slit between its legs also slobbering.

I am a little black bunny and my mother is a famous famous mouse impersonator with her fake penis that shoots out salt syrup. I go through this every day at precisely 8:23 am and 3:28 pm, the 2 times I found out people are most likely to log on. And my birthday was March 18, I turned 28 then.

Thank you for your work and keep it up.

WeeRee Katon
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