the spooky lunch (ms_timorous666) wrote in shamart,
the spooky lunch


In the world of sham art, it is not uncommon to meet with those true renegades, or perhaps fugitives, running away from someone AND something.  In this case, the former is a human adult, whether a family or a single unit, while the latter is the animal shelter, SPCA, local humane society, etc.  

In that horribly uncertain and dangerous world of runaway pets, there are those few that survive not only on their own as functioning organisms, perhaps destined for a domestic existence but survive in that similarly uncertain and dangerous world of art.  If you are someone like Olaus Phfaulsens of St. Egroris, NE, your poor kitty Sniggles was not run over by a towtruck or eaten by coyotes.  Instead, the neutered Sniggles is now known as Horace Frapole and lives in West Seattle.  His art pieces have seen life in the Seattle Industrial Artists' Space (or SIAS), and the independent galleries of southeast Washington (a favorite haunt of M. Frapole's is in this desolate region).  His work is a unique mixture of sculpture, readymades and kinetic art.  One such work, entitled "Energiser Gyser" is a gynasium sized funnel shape all scratched and pasted together with various queen-sized beds hanging off the metal wings.  When one looks at this work, shards of the material clatter to the ground, also adding in to the mix aleatoric music.  A dramatic scene to say the least.  

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