the spooky lunch (ms_timorous666) wrote in shamart,
the spooky lunch

thththththththththats all folks, folksafolksafolksafolksafolks

the extreme body performance art of the 3 foot Iliegni is something to truly behold, especially since this is the birthday of this community.  Iliegni is not a mere baby, but maybe she'd be better off as one since her work is too mesmerizing for her own good!  no nono, but it's great!  just this morning, 9:42 am pacific standard time she had swollowed a very large boot, a lamp and a bugle.  All of it was quite visible as her skin strechted over the divers shapes of these objects, very much like that of a snake swallowing its rodential prey.  this afternoon she swallowed an anaconda which itself had swallowed a little boy by the name of Winston Carlisle.  It was a sight seeing the fair Iliegni turn a pale green with some hints of brown underneath all that skin and kneeing, elbowing some pinky organs along the way.  And if I don't update this in a long while, it's because I will have been swallowed by Illiegni tonight and won't be back for some time.  Keep your bookmarks on the elusive sham art youtube community for a video of this erotically smashing scene.
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