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This is the all-sham-art discussion community

No news, no sports, just the art you've never known existed!

A discussion of all art that does not wholly exist
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The purpose of this community is to promote the arts...of non-existence. Many THINGS can be applied to the term "non-existence", but we'll take the general meaning, which is "reality" )that which we reuse and refuse( So, what I mean is that you can write about any piece of art that DOES NOT EXIST. Nothing in galleries, museums, record shops, videostores, frontyards, backyards, city limits, junkyards, NOTHING physical. Not even any piece of art planned, although I have no qualms with pieces of art that were at the stage of formulating, but didn't quite make it. Ideas must be presented as actual pieces of art. I hope this makes sense.
'pata'pata'pataphysics, 'pata'pataphysics, 'pataphysics maybe, along these filaments, anti-art, art, art history, assemblage, blanket for shauna, c. elliot friday, carp, cassette casket, church of the subgenius, collage, culture jamming, decollage, disinformation, don't kill me, dr. klyst, dr. rhazor, dullist modern art museum, events, fainting, falsification, fart, i.l. sadpen, ichthism, installations, jeremy louis, jessie wang-romera, lens into hell, lilly cistern, meta-'pataphysics, milkism, mr. schlokenhamer, muscle tension, muslim kung-fu, negativland, over the edge, ozyrus, painting, philuxus, plunderphonics, poetry, pomo apes, pottery poetry, schmistory, sculpture, slack, stupidity, the bad, the international media netweb, the mr. continuum show, umm, unemployment, william borris, yorkreya